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v5.0 Released

Time Stopper is a utility software which eliminates the time limit in software trial versions so that you can use any trial version with an extended time period. It works with any software executable file (.exe) and extends the trial period of any software for an unlimited number of times.

It’s very easy to install and use: You just have to browse for the software executable file of the trial program (usually located in C:\Program Files) and select the new installation date. Then the Time Stopper will extend the trial period of your program to another 30 / 90 days depending on your software.

Time Stopper will not modify the date and time settings of your operating system, and therefore it’s safe and it will not affect any other programs or tasks running on your PC.

Even though the Time Stopper can extend the trial period for any program, we recommend buying the software you really want. Especially if you’re using those programs for commercial purposes.

Time Stopper new version (Time Stopper v5.0) has been released on 03/22/2023 and it’s compatible with more trial version systems.

According to Brothersoft and CNET, Time Stopper is listed under the best 50 utility software in the world. Yet, Time Stopper is 100% free and no registration required.



This software is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We do not encourage software piracy and request that anyone who uses any of the software for their requirements to purchase the original software from developers and support them. Also, Time Stopper is not compatible with all the software trial versions.

What’s New in v5.0?

Added support for more trial systems: With added support for more trial systems, many new software trial versions can extend the trial period.