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What is the Time Stopper?

Time Stopper is a useful utility software which you can use to extend the trial period of a software.

What’s the need to stop time?

When you stop the time for a trial version of a software, you can use it forever without expiring your trial period.

If you have any issues regarding the Time Stopper, use Time Stopper help

Will it be harmful for my system?

No. When you stop the time for a trial version using the Time Stopper, it will change the trial date according to your desire without affecting the date and time of your system. Therefore, it’s completely safe to use and will not affect your other system functionalities in any way.

How many trial versions can I use at the same time?

There’s no limit. You can try out any number of trial software with the Time Stopper.

Can I use it with plug-ins?

No. Time Stopper's latest version only supports exe files at the moment and we are hoping to upgrade this for plug-ins as well in the future.

Can I stop the time for my virus guard?

No. Time Stopper is only for offline software and you can’t use it with online software. Anyway, we don’t recommend using it for virus guards.